HeatStaxx® Air

HeatStaxx® Air Energy storage solutions for air-based applications

Designed for air-based applications, HeatStaxx Air is a high performance macro encapsulation  made of specially tailored blow molded synthetic material. The macro encapsulation design allows for a combination of a large surface and the smallest possible PCM layer thickness enabling the entire PCM module to run through the phase change process. This leads to high efficient heat transfer (quick charge and discharge) even at very low temperature variations. As the signature shape guarantees a maximum heat transfer coefficient at minimum pressure drop, AirStaxx Air works excellently in air conditioning systems.

Easy air conditioning by taking advantage of even smallest temperature variations:

  • easy air conditioning by taking advantage of even smallest temperature variations
  • conveniently stackable and scalable
  • minimum pressure drop, maximum heat transfer
  • night cooling
  • solar heating
  • heat recovery ventilation systems


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