BlackIce® PCM-Polymer Compound – Thermal Stabilisation of Components and Systems

System components are often subjected to thermal variations. To avoid overheating or undercooling of these components, Axiotherm developed a phase-change material (PCM) polymer compound for the thermal stabilisation of space components and systems. The PCM polymer compound features a high capacity for absorbing accumulating amounts of heat and releases the heat energy into the system during an undercooling period in order to stabilise the temperature. This material will prevent temperature peaks and produce a smoothed temperature curve.
Its unique feature is a mix of materials that remains gelatinous when melted. The compound is leak-proof and well-suited to processing. Furthermore, it is possible to use additives to make permanent, stable modifications to properties such as thermal conductivity, fire protection, and radiation resistance. In particular, batteries (and by extension, the field of e-mobility) should benefit from this life-prolonging technology. But there are also numerous new applications in supply chain logistics.


  • Effective smoothing of temperature peaks and reduced thermo-mechanical stress
  • Increased useful life of batteries and electronic components, plus increased operational safety
  • Low mass, high capacity & directly applicable (automotive//aviation/supply chain)


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