Logistics and cold chains

Logistics and cold chains

Logistics and cold chains

Transporting goods and products that are sensitive to various temperatures is a major challenge, not least because of new rules & regulations and ever-increasing customer demands. Phase-change materials (PCM) with their reversible mechanism for thermal storage at a constant temperature level provide a cost-effective and elegant solution here. Thanks to their independent, passive air conditioning capability, they are able to guarantee a continuous cold chain for products such as pharmaceuticals, sensitive instrumentation and also foods, even if guaranteed external cooling is not possible or not wanted, whether for charging or discharging, whether there are unanticipated delays, and also in regions where there is no coverage.

Unlike the frequently used water-based cooling packs, PCM-based cooling packs not only offer basic cooling capabilities but also exact temperature control by precisely adjusting the phase-change temperature. This allows PCMs to delay heating the old-fashioned way while in their solid phase, while PCMs in their liquid phase are capable of preventing undercooling – PCMs with as small a melting range as possible are ideal for this purpose. If, however, the aim is to compensate for temperature fluctuations, it may also be useful to use a PCM with a wider, specially adapted melting range.

The right PCM for the transport solution in question can be selected or adapted to the specific needs from a wide selection of Axiotherm PCMs and melting temperatures and offered in one of our HeatGuard macrocapsules. More extensive modifications of the PCM, for instance thickening to ensure that it is absolutely leak-proof or other customisations, are possible at short notice.   

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