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With its leading competence in thermal energy storage solutions, AXIOTHERM enables industry and service companies to benefit from increased efficiency and effectiveness offered by PCM (Phase Change Materials). Offering extensive experience in development and application planning, AXIOTHERM is a manufacturer and expert partner for leading companies, and your specialist for cost-efficient systems based on approved macro encapsulations.

Spectrum of applications

“Axiotherm” addresses the use of phase change materials in all fields of engineering. The storage of “cold” or “heat” in corresponding media is just one of these fields. Technical heat management is another overarching field in which the function of PCMs contributes to the stability and extended life of systems under thermal stress. It is used for saving energy, increasing comfort, elevating thermal masses, peak cutting (interception of temperature spikes) and more. In each such application, the PCM is a key factor in sustainably improving the system. Our team can apply its many years of combined experience to the benefit of your project, and we are always open to new application ideas. Get in touch with us!


We have already begun a number of executive projects with our “young” enterprise. These will be listed here soon, and we will be adhering to our agreements with our project partners to only publish these projects once they are complete, in part to protect innovations. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

PCM shortcut

Why PCMs? PCMs (= phase change material) are used to store and dispense thermal energy. Their phase changes play a key role here. Depending on the PCM material (paraffins, salt hydrates, etc.), the intermolecular forces are energetically “broken apart” when a certain temperature is reached (the phase change temperature, which is dependent on the PCM). This is the melting process, which occurs at a constant temperature. A recooling of the PCM, allowing the stored energy to be extracted at a constant temperature resolidifies the PCM. The difference that this energy makes is shown by examining ice – to liquefy 1 kg of water from a solid mass at 0° to liquid at 0°, the same amount of energy is required that would be needed to heat 1 kg of water from 0 °C (liquid) to 80 °C. This is the 'latent effect'.


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