Spectrum of applications

Spectrum of applications

Industrial & building use

Compared to water-based storage facilities, phase-change materials are capable of storing much more energy. In the case of the Axiotherm PCM hybrid storage solutions with HeatSel or HeatStixx, this is three to four times the amount of cold or heat, most notably at a consistent temperature level.This...

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Sector coupling

The term sector coupling has become an established feature of energy policy debate and refers to the interconnection of efficient, flexible, coordinated energy systems through the use of clean energy for the purpose of decarbonisation – both in generation and in consumption. This means that...

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Mobile thermal storage facilities

Mobile thermal storage facilities can make use of heat emissions, for example from biogas plants and industrial processes, in a way that line-based transport systems cannot achieve cost-effectively. Technical and economic analyses provide many examples of how a mobile thermal storage facility offers...

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Cooling technology

Generation and demand are also difficult to reconcile in cooling. Cold energy storage also solves the problem of load peaks or of phases of high demand while reducing the required refrigeration performance by shifting the cold generation to times where demand is less. However, a critical factor in...

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Logistics and cold chains

Transporting goods and products that are sensitive to various temperatures is a major challenge, not least because of new rules & regulations and ever-increasing customer demands. Phase-change materials (PCM) with their reversible mechanism for thermal storage at a constant temperature level...

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Other applications

In principle, PCMs are suitable for any applications that require the absorption or discharge of heat at as constant a temperature as possible. Normal sensitive storage facilities fail in this regard, because they charge their system temperature rapidly, causing dynamic temperature changes that...

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